lunghealth_webApril is “Stress Awareness Month” and Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing offers a variety of classes to help you reduce stress and improve your quality of life. View a current issue of LiveWell magazine for our wide assortment of free and low-cost community health events. 

You’ll find a selection of programs, such as meditation, tai chi and yoga – easily learned stress relief tools proven to protect you from future stress. In addition, our monthly education offerings include improving your nutrition, keeping up your physical strength and flexibility and making a plan for end-of-life processes – thereby reducing stress for family members and caregivers.

When we are running at full power on the right fuels, we increase our ability to handle the bumps, challenges and changes we face on a daily basis and over time. Sun Health is committed to improving community health, and that begins with the health and wellbeing of each West Valley resident. We’ve designed our programs with your optimal health in mind, so you can rest easy and enjoy the “golden years” on your terms.

The “golden years” is that time in our lives when we should be enjoying the fruits of our labors, and dedicating our attention to leisurely and philanthropic pursuits.

A wonderfully serene idea, but for many seniors it’s a time of new challenges and life changes. It’s no surprise that many older adults are facing stress factors that impact their quality of life.

Stress for seniors comes in many forms: chronic illness and disabilities; reduction in physical strength and movement; finances and planning for the future; and the loss of a spouse, friends or family members. Changes in living situations and personal relationships are other culprits, adding worry to our day-to-day lives and damaging our long-term mental and physical health.

Keys to aging well is identifying the stressors in our lives, understanding the root causes, and adopting lifestyle changes and healthy habits. Among its other benefits, regular exercise protects the aging brain, while lack of quality sleep can accelerate aging. Also, our bodies have different nutritional needs during every stage of our lives.

You can rely on the health experts at Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing to provide personalized support and group education to help you navigate health challenges and optimize your health. Visit to learn how we can help today.


(Originally published April 3, 2014; last updated Jan. 6, 2019.)

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