Falls are a major concern for the majority of older adults. According to the Center for Disease Control, 33% of adults 65 and older fall each year and these falls can have some serious consequences that can lead to a loss of independence or even death. The first step in fall prevention is an awareness of potential risk factors including balance issues, stability, muscular strength and flexibility. Poor balance and decreased lower body strength can increase the risk of falling and, for this reason, the Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing has created two proven balance assessment and training programs designed to address this serious issue.

Individual Balance Assessment and Training Program

Eight-Week Program, Intermediate Level

A one-on-one balance and strength training program consisting of a comprehensive fall-risk assessment, eight weekly training sessions (45 min. each) and a post-program assessment. Instruction is provided by an exercise physiologist and includes a personalized program focused on strength building, flexibility and balance exercise. The Biodex Balance System SDTM is used for balance training. Fall prevention information and a home exercise plan are included.

Group Balance and Strength Training Series

Eight-Week Series, Advanced Level

This program features eight hours of fitness instruction including balance, lower body strength, core strength and flexibility training provided in a small group setting. Exercises are customized to participants’ abilities. Individual pre- and post-assessment sessions with an exercise physiologist will be performed. Fall prevention information and a home exercise plan are included.

Mitigating Risk Factors to Prevent Falls