Wondering what our Diabetes Prevention Program is all about? Rhonda shares some detail.

It’s not too late to register for the new series of classes beginning in October. Check the new issue of LiveWell magazine for dates. 


Hi, I’m Rhonda Zonoozi and I’m an exercise physiologist and certified health and wellness coach at the Sun Health Center for Health and Wellbeing.

Did you know that one in three US adults has pre-diabetes? Having pre-diabetes means that your blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.
The majority of adults who have pre-diabetes don’t even know they have it.

Diabetes prevention program at the Center for Health & WellbeingIf you have pre-diabetes and don’t take action, research shows that you could develop type II diabetes within five years. Type II diabetes increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and even lower body amputations.

The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is an evidence-based lifestyle change program for preventing or delaying the onset of type II diabetes, the DPP was a research study funded primarily by the national institutes for health and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and it showed that by making certain lifestyle changes and continuing this changes over time can prevent or delay type II diabetes in people who are at risk for the disease.

This program helps participants make important lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier to promote weight loss, incorporating physical activity into their daily lives and improving problem-solving and coping skills. Participants meet weekly for 60 minutes in a group study for 16 weeks, and then monthly for six months.

prediabetesThis proven program can help people with pre-diabetes make achievable and realistic lifestyle changes and cut the risk of developing type II diabetes by 58%. The cost for attending the Diabetes Prevention Program is only $220 for all 22 sessions, which provides more than 22 hours of education and life-changing guidance for less than $10 an hour. Our participants have seen amazing results, including increased physical activity and better nutrition, which have resulted in an average weight loss of 6.6% of body weight, (15.6 pounds per participant!).

We hope you will consider joining us for the next DPP series in your area.

For information about these services and more, please contact the Center for Health and Wellbeing today at 623-832-well, that’s 623-832-9355 or visit us online at sunhealthwellbeing.org.


(Originally published Sept. 21, 2015; last updated Jan. 12, 2019.)

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