During the March 19th, 2014 grand opening for Sun Health’s new Center for Health & Wellbeing, prevention medicine doctor and author Robert Landry, M.D. shared his ten powerful tips for remaining at peak performance longer as we age.

We should age like leaves – gaining more color as we get older, blending in beautifully to become better than we are by ourselves, then falling gracefully off the tree,” ~ Dr. Roger Landry

Landry’s Top Ten Tips to Achieve Authentic Health
& Successful Aging

1.     USE IT OR LOSE IT. Brains, muscles and bones require activity to prevent decline. Watch this great video on Yahoo Health by Dr. Travis Stork for some interesting detail. And don’t forget to sign up for the free basic membership benefits offered at our Center for Health & Wellbeing. It includes a free health coaching session to help you live healthier every day!

2.      KEEP MOVING. Even small steps make a difference. As your confidence and competence grows, you can grow your effort. If you are a Center for Health & Wellbeing gold member, our exercise classes are free!

3.      CHALLENGE YOUR BRAIN. We are the architects of our brain, and learning stimulates brain activity and growth at any age. Consider Nola Ochs, who at 95 YEARS OLD was the oldest person in the world to receive her undergraduate degree. As of her 100th birthday in 2011, she was working on her master’s degree at Fort Hays State University.

4.      STAY CONNECTED. Being isolated speeds up decline as you age, so it is critical to stay connected with your community and friends as you age. Attending events, such as those Sun Health offers throughout the month, not only challenges your brain but makes it simple to be more social. Living in active senior retirement communities also provide enormous value. When you live in communities like Grandview Terrace, La Loma Village or The Colonnade, you only have to step out your front door to connect with people! At Sun Health, we can help both residents AND the general aging population achieve all ten tips Dr. Landry recommends! We pride ourselves in making a difference in the West Valley community, so please join us.

5.      LOWER YOUR RISKS. As Aristotle says, “all things in moderation.” Don’t let others put you at risk, but also don’t confide yourself to remove all risk, either. Isolation impacts the decline of seniors just as much as smoking a pack a day of cigarettes over a lifetime, according to Landry.

6.      NEVER ACT YOUR AGE.  Refuse to be put out to pasture! Retirement does not have to be the start of decline.

7.      WHEREVER YOU ARE… BE THERE. Being present in the moment is important, because that is where you live life to the fullest. We are the only species to trigger a stress response with our minds, instead of environmental triggers related to “fight or flight” impulses. Life is lived in moments; don’t miss it living for the past or future.

8.      FIND YOUR PURPOSE. We just can’t say it any better than Mary Oliver, in her poem, The Summer Day. ”What is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?”

9.      HAVE CHILDREN IN YOUR LIFE. Our elders are cultural treasures with an essential role who can (and should) be a guiding force and mentor in our lives. During anthropologic times, Landry stated, seniors raised and taught the children. Why did this change? Feeling useful and valued while being around youth is a critical part of healthy aging.

10.   LAUGH OFTEN.  Laughter stimulates the immune system, so laugh often!

To read more of Dr. Landry’s wisdom, read his book, “Live Long, Die Short.” We highly recommend it and appreciate his support of what Sun Health is accomplishing! By working together, all of our communities benefit.

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