Your Personal Health Record

Vial of Life contains an easy-to-complete medical form that your loved ones and medical personnel can quickly access in an emergency. Simply place the vial with completed form inside your refrigerator.

The vial also includes a window cling to alert emergency personnel to look for your Vial of Life when responding to your home in an emergency.

Have a Vial of Life and need to update your form? Simply click on this emergency medical form, which is pre-formatted and easy to populate.

The File of Life is a portable flash drive that holds emergency medical information including:

Easy to follow instructions

– Pre-formatted and easy-to-populate emergency medical form

– Extra storage for additional members’ information.

Store the flash drive on your key chain or in your purse, and take it with you when traveling or exercising.

For additional information call (623) 832-5665.

Provided as a service to the community from contributions to the Sun Health Foundation.