Support For Dementia & Other Memory Conditions

Dementia is a broad term describing a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills. Dementia is caused by damage to brain cells which interferes with the ability of brain cells to communicate with each other. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of cases. Vascular dementia, the result of a stroke or a series of transient ischemic attacks, is the second most common dementia type.


Naturally, it is both frightening and painful to watch a loved one experience memory lapses, behavioral changes and the inevitable functional decline brought on by dementia. Offered as a complimentary service as a result of the charitable support of the Sun Health Foundation, the Sun Health Memory Care Navigator is a comprehensive resource you can depend on to share knowledge about dementia and available community resources.


The Sun Health Memory Care Navigator program is a valuable resource to people with dementia, their family members and caregivers. Specifically, the Navigator can:

  • Assess the needs of a client and family and provide confidential consultation
  • Develop a personalized plan of care with the individual and family that addresses and supports the person’s health and health-related needs
  • Link clients and family members to education, support groups and assistive  services in the West Valley
  • Be an ongoing resource for families and caregivers as new challenges arise through different stages of dementia
  • Collaborate with and communicate recommendations to each person’s physician

The following classes are part of our Community Education program and are offered occasionally. Please see Healthy U section of LiveWell for class schedules and support group listings.

Brain Fitness: Growth Throughout Life

The idea that our brains inevitably deteriorate as we age is not necessarily true. However we must commit to a regimen of preventative activities throughout our older years to sustain healthy cognitive functioning. This presentation will offer helpful tips in to help us maximize our brain power that will keep our minds sharp for a lifetime.

Effective Communication with a Person with Dementia

Brain changes brought on by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease require us to change the way we communicate with a person with dementia. Learn specific tips and techniques for improving communication and minimizing frustration for everyone involved.

Got Caregiver Stress?

The negative impact of stress on our health has been well documented. Caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can bring enormous stress to the care partner. This class will focus on the causes of stress and specific techniques to manage stress to improve overall health and well being.

Meditation and Brain Health

This workshop covers the many benefits of meditation as a regular practice. Participants will have an opportunity to learn some simple techniques they can begin using in their daily life as a result of attending the class.

Normal Aging, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease – What are the Differences?

Participants will learn the difference between normal brain changes related to aging and those associated with dementia. The difference between Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias will be discussed. This workshop is appropriate for anyone in the general community who is interested in knowing more about the aging brain vs. dementia.

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