Whether you’re living on your own or in one of our many Sun Health Arizona senior living communities, there’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to medication management. From protecting your health information to meticulously scheduling and regulating daily prescriptions, drug safety and medication management go hand in hand.

By planning, scheduling, and taking the time to differentiate between prescriptions, you can increase the effectiveness of your medications – while at the same time, reducing the potential of missing pills or taking the wrong pill at the wrong time.

But with so many medication management methods to choose from, and so many factors to pay attention to, is there an easier way to make drug safety a top priority?


Try creating an easy-to-follow schedule, one that will help chart and keep track of your medication dosages, purposes, and timing. One way to do this easily and conveniently is by creating an online medication profile. With an online profile, you’ll have access to a virtual schedule that clearly and concisely lists everything you’ll need to know in order to manage your medications safely and efficiently.

Another route to medication management is through the use of a pillbox that acts as more than merely prescription storage. Electronic pillboxes can take the guesswork out of timing and dosage by alerting you when it’s time to take your next pill.

To learn more about how to manage your medications – either from your house or from within one of our Arizona senior living communities – visit the Sun Health Medication Management website.

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